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Where can I find your products?
We currently have 5 brick and mortar locations in both Northern California and Southern California with 2 additional units opening in SoCal the first half of this year. We also offer a selection of products through our online store.

We’re always happy to hear from you – check our locations page for addresses and phone numbers.

I want to purchase something that is not offered online – whom can I contact?
Reach out to your closest brick and mortar location; our offerings online are just a small selection of what we have available. Your local butcher can help get you exactly what you want.

Do you offer catering?
We currently offer catering in our Northern California markets: Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Larkspur. We provide catering for corporate meals, special events, and in-home gatherings. Email for more information.

Do you raise all of your own meat?
We are a vertically integrated operation – so, yes! We raise all of our animals at Belcampo Farms in Northern California; occasionally we invite guest farmers to showcase their product. We are always sure to call this out in our butcher cases when we do so!

Do you offer your products wholesale?
Not at this point.  Our farms currently can only support the demand from own butcher shops and restaurants.

Why can I only select overnight shipping for perishable products?
The only way to guarantee speedy delivery to your door is via overnight shipping. We drop ship our products frozen every Wednesday to preserve quality and freshness.

Do you ship your product internationally?
Due to operational logistics, we are not currently able to share the joy of Belcampo outside of the US.